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public domain content

Is it really possible to make money with public domain content? I’d never realized that you can create products based off of material that has fallen in to the public domain, but when I did some digging I discovered that you can and it’s not too difficult. There is actually more information that has fallen into the public domain than patent protected material. As a matter of fact the US Government is the largest creator of content on planet. This article will show you where to go and what to do in order to make money with public domain content.

What Is Public Domain Content?

Very simply information that has fallen in to the public domain mean that it has lost is patent protection and the original content owners have not made attempts to re patent the material. Generally for information products scubas book the patent protection is typically 20 years. As an example, all of William Shakespeare’s works are in the public domain, but newer reprints can still be copywriter protected because of the addition of other information including drawings, photographs, cover art and so forth.

Where To Find Public Domain Content

What I discovered in my investigation is that the US Government Printing Office (GPO) creates tons of content on an incredibly wide variety of topics and all of the US Government material is in the public domain. There are lots of other places to find public domain content, but the easiest to access is the GPO.
public domain content

There is a 2 step process to find and harvest content from the GPO. Heres’ what to do:

  • Go To http://bookstore.gpo.gov
  • Search http://www.usa.gov

The first thing to do is to search the GPO for public domain content that is relevant to you. The GPO charges for this material though. So once you’ve uncovered a specific title then go to usa.gov and include the title in quotes in your search there. So the search quire should be “title” + “pdf”. What your looking for is a free pdf version of the material that you found at the GPO.

How To Check Copyright Status Of The Public Domain Content

Double check to make sure that the content you want is not protected by looking for a copywriter in the document itself or on the site where the pdf is available. There are certain situations where GPO material is protected, such as when the content was created by a private party and the GPO. You can often locate copywriter notices in privacy/about/policy/FAQ sections of the site.

How To Make Money With Public Domain Content

Once you have determined that the document is in the public domain then just copy and paste the pdf. Now go to Amazon.com and search for the title on Amazon. If the title appears you can still make money by publishing on Kindle and Nook, but Amazon and Barnes and Noble may not be interested in what you have to offer. But if you are the first to market with the title then you stand a good chance of profiting.

The best thing to do is to create a derivative work which means that you shoal ad photos or graphics to help make your content unique. There are multiple places to locate royalty free photos.

There are many ways to reformat the public domain content. Here is what you can do:

  • Create an ebook on Kindle and Nook
  • Publish it as a printed book
  • Create a video by converting content into a Power Point
  • Turn content into an audio book
  • Convert it to MP

Public Domain Content Final Thoughts

Searching for and reformatting public domain content from the Government Printing Office is one of the easiest and safest ways to get make money through publishing content. Through the power of the internet all of this material is now available online and easy to search for. The growth in popularity of the iPad and E-readers is driving the need for web published material and the GPO is a great place to start.

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The Mother Of All High Quality Backlinks


high quality backlinks
Getting high quality backlinks should be a primary goal of SEO strategy. What if you could grab a mother of all backlinks by getting your content listed in Google News? Google News is a massive news aggregator that gets millions of viewers daily and has a PR1 status. In the world of high quality backlinks, it doesn’t get any better than that. The sad truth is that going directly to Google News to get your press release or article listed is almost impossible, but there is a secret backdoor that I’ve uncovered and I’d like to share it with you here.

Millions of people start their day by browsing Google News and as the print news is dying a slow death, online news sources are thriving and Google News is the leader of the pack. So is it actually possible for small business owners and internet marketers to get our press releases listed in Google News? The answer is slim to none and as my father used to say “slim just left town”.

So if you can’t get your content listed on Google News then how in the world can you get a high quality link from them? Well you have to be a little sneaky, but the technique really works and it’s not that difficult.

The Quest For A High Quality Backlinks Starts Here

In order to get listed in Google News you’ll have to come through the back door by identifying press release sites that are relevant to your keyword and that picked up by Google News. So it’s a two step process. you first need to get content published on sites that are on Google News resource list and then have Google News pick up that feed. You may think that it’s sounds pretty far fetched, but it’s not.
high quality backlinks

Here’s How It’s Done

1- Go To http://news.google.com/
2- Enter your targeted keyword in parenthesis in to the search box
3- Identify the top results in the SERP’s
4- Become a contributor to those PR sites.

Before you dismiss this a crazy talk, just relax a minute. Do a little research yourself to check it all out. It will just take a minute so don’t get your panties in a wad. You’ll need a keyword to search and then just plug it into the Google News search box and you’ll see for yourself who gets their site listed. These sites are always on the lookout for writers or contributors and getting stuff published on these sites is easy as pie. Don’t doubt me.

What’s interesting is that these sites are generally well established, authority sites in their own right. You can actually grab high quality backlinks just by getting published on those sites. Once you get published there, then their feed usually gets picked up by Google News. It’s pretty slick actually.

What Do You Write About?

The information that you need has to be news worth and timely. If you are a product creator then this is a no brainer. Even if you’re not, here is one idea that works. Conduct a Skype interview of someone in your niche who is getting some attention and write it up. You can even interview yourself I suppose or have a colleague interview you. That person doesn’t have to be a celebrity or guru, but someone who has done something interesting that is newsworthy. You can make it news.

What About The High Quality Backlinks?

These press release sites typically allow several hyperlinks to be embedded in to the body of the article. So just hyperlink your blog post to the keyword(s) and there you go. Google places tons of clout on links in the body of the text. Just remember that your press release is just a teaser for the main content that will be posted on your blog. That’s how to get loads of direct, quality and targeted traffic to your site and build high quality backlinks at the same time. What could be better? You can have your cake and eat it too.

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List Building Success With Ad Swaps


Ad Swaps

Ad swaps are a proven way to expand your valued email list. If you remember the old Saturday Night Live skit with Hans and Franz who were fitness trainers sent to “pump you up” then you get the idea that ad swaps can pump up your subscriber list fast. Everybody knows that the money is in the list and if you can create a large, responsive list of loyal subscribers, then your odds of succeeding in online marketing can increase substantially. Here are a few things that I have learned about ad swaps.

Ad Swaps Defined

What is an ad swap anyway? It is essentially were two marketers agree to email one anthers promotion to each others list. You send their offer out with your name on it, but the opt-ins will then go to your ad swap partners list and they’ll get any subsequent commissions that result in the trade. This is a “you scotch my back and I’ll scotch yours” scenario where honesty and integrity are critical factors.

What Do You Need For Ad Swaps?

You definitely need web hosting, an autoresponder, a squeeze page (opt-in page) and a product to promote. In most cases you want to give away a free gift which is an ethical bribe to entice people to opt-in. You also need a list of at least several hundred subscribers. This list should have been generated from double opt-ins and not a purchased list.

The gift should be something of value such as webinars, check-lists, tutorials, ebooks, software, interviews and so forth. If you don’t have something to give away you can purchase something with private label rights and master resale rights that includes rights to give it away for free included. This way you can rebrand your offer to make it your own with all the legal rights pointed in your favor.

Where To Find Ad Swap Partners

In the old days (last year) you had to search out ad swap partners at places such as your-im-forum or imadswaps.com or even the Warrior Forum, but now you can subscribe to services such as Safe Swaps which provides a complete platform to find partners and everything else to help complete the swap. There is a build in grading system, much like eBay, where you and your partner provide quality scores on the transaction.

The Partnership Agreement

Before you enter into an agreement, make sure that your partner and you are mailing to the same niche. Once you have found an ad swap partner, then you need to agree on a few things. This is what you’ll both need to agree upon:
ad swaps
1- The number of people you’ll be mailing to.
2- How many times you’ll be mailing the offer.
3- The time of day the email will be sent.
4- The quality of the gift
5- The quality of the ad copy (swipe)

Since you’ll be mailing your partners offer under your name, you want to make sure that what you’re sending out conforms to what you want your list to receive. Obviously your list is something you want to nurture and cultivate, so just make sure that your partner provides something of value and that you are doing the same. After all this is a valuable business relationship and the golden rule applies.

Ad Swaps Final Thoughts

Ad swaps are an effective way to increase the size of your subscriber list and there are many people who generate a full time income just by growing their list and sending offers on a consistent basis. The smaller your list the longer it will take to build it through ad swaps, but if you keep at it then you will start to see exponential growth. Just like anything else, it can seem complicated at first, but the learning curve is fast and the results are worth the effort.

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article marketing for SEO
What’s more important, article marketing for SEO or readers? The simple answer is that they’re both important. If you want your article to get ranked on the search engines, then you need an search engine optimization strategy, but you need to write your article with an objective in mind. What is it that you want to accomplish? As an internet marketer you’re probably using article writing to drive traffic and invite your readers to opt-in to one of your offers. Here are a few ideas to assure that your article marketing for SEO is also article marketing for increased sales and conversions.

When I first came online I had no idea what SEO was and why it was important. I knew that I needed content for my blog, but I had no idea that there was a science behind it. I just stated writing and then published my posts. I don’t know about you, but I immediately went to Google to see my freshly minted article sitting there on page one of Google. I remember being so disappointed when I couldn’t find that article anywhere. It was only after lots of reading and research that the idea of article marketing for SEO stated coming together.

People like good content and so does Google.

There is no doubt that content is still king so your article must be original and compelling. Here are a suggestions before you get started.

  • What kind of information is your ideal prospect looking for?
  • Create content that they would be interested in.
  • Write an article around your researched keyword and its related synonyms.
  • Each article should lead to a call to action which is your desired result.

Article marketing for SEO includes solid copywriting skills.

Copywriting is the human element that ultimately leads your blog visitors to read your posts and ultimately take action.

Here is a 4 step copywriting process to improve your chances of getting the outcome you want.

  1. Engage your reader with a entertaining story
  2. Address a problem in the story.
  3. Propose a solution to solve the problem
  4. Include a call to action.

What is a call to action?

In the article marketing for SEO and readers the call to action is geared to the reader and basically is your attempt to get the reader to take the desired action you want. If that action is to opt-in to an offer you need to tell the reader what to do next. Maker it as easy as possible for them to click on the link with a specific promise or even a bribe.

Article marketing for SEO and readers

Article marketing for SEO and readers is the goal and each article should be crafted to include proper keywords and on-page elements that have been shown to assist in search engine ranking and use copywriting skills that engages people.

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advanced keyword research

Advanced keyword research means not only knowing what keywords to target, but understanding what your prospect is looking for when they enter a search term. Marketers and advertisers not only focuses on what people want, but why they want it. They then designs a marketing campaign to give people what they want. As an internet marketer it’s important for you to try to place yourself in the mind of your prospects to understand why they are searching when they go online and that’s where advanced keyword research comes into the picture
Okay you may be saying to yourself, how boring and dry can you positively make this post? I guess I should be making marketing fun, but sometimes making money online is serious business. So give me break or just click off of this site and find somebody else who does a better job entertaining you.

Advanced Keyword Research Focuses On What Motivates People

When people go online to search for information, what do they want to know? Here are some of the frequently asked question people are searching for answers to.

Why Should I Buy?
Where Should I Buy?
How Much Should I Spend?
What Do Other People Think?
What Alternatives Do I Have?
How Do I ….?
advanced keyword research
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) vs Should Ask Questions (SAQ’s)

It’s your job as an internet marketer to be an expert in your field and with that you need to redirect the way your prospects think to answer the questions they should be asking. This requires thinking outside the box where you define the conversation. Answering the questions that should be asked is driven by experts and this will set you apart from the crowd.

“Turning The Corner” is an advanced keyword research concept where you look past your target niche in order to redirect your prospect.

Turning the corner is where you have anticipated that your prospect is searching for information, but their not going to stubble onto your niche unless you show them the way. Here’s an example. I’m in the network marketing niche which is a subset of the larger home business or even the make money online niches. If someone is searching for ways to generate a second income or even wants to make a wholesale career shift, maybe they haven’t even considered multi-level marketing. Maybe they’re thinking about buying a franchise and so they look online to explore those options. Turning the corner means providing them information on franchises and at the same time highlighting the many benefits of MLM vs the high cost/high risk franchise business. There are lots of other examples and this is one that I came up with to helping you get a feel for the concept. Get it?

Your success online depends on your ability to get in front of as many people as possible. You need to understand how your prospects think and what is their primary motivation. Don’t sell them a product, just listen to where they want to go and help them get there. Advanced keyword research is one of the mechanisms you can use to find that prospect.

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